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For restricted eaters, a place at the table but not the meal泰安协富大商贸有限公司

People with food restrictions feel more lonely when they can’t bond with others over meals, according to new Cornell research.

Listening sessions inform public policy recommendation玉树宝顺信商贸有限公司

After hosting nearly 20 listening sessions, a faculty committee exploring how best to elevate public policy at Cornell plans to submit its final report in January.

Discrimination impacts health of LGBT people, analysis finds涟源利东聚贸易有限公司

In a review of thousands of peer-reviewed studies, the What We Know Project an initiative of Cornell’s Center for the Study of Inequality, has found a strong link between anti-LGBT discrimination and harms to the health and well-being of LGBT people.

New podcast episode explains inequalities of place马鞍山圣禄安服务有限公司

“ZIP Codes Matter,” a new episode of the “What Makes Us Human?” podcast series, shows how inequality can be tracked across America simply by looking at ZIP codes.


New podcast episode traces roots of educational inequities昌吉聚大东服务有限公司

“Segregated Education,” a new episode of the “What Makes Us Human?” podcast series from the College of Arts and Sciences, explains the history of educational inequities in the U.S.


Brainerd elected to Society of Experimental Psychologists新泰协富大贸易有限公司

Charles Brainerd, professor of human development and human neuroscience in the College of Human Ecology, has been elected to the Society of Experimental Psychologists.


Grants seed social science research, conferences公主岭飞多聚机械有限公司

The Cornell Center for Social Sciences has funded 14 faculty research projects and conferences in the Fall 2019 round of its Small Grants Program.

Applications open for community-engaged learning grants 廊坊春旺同服务有限公司

The Office of Engagement Initiatives is accepting applications for grants to fund faculty, staff and students who are launching, advancing or participating in community-engaged learning at Cornell.

New podcast episode examines the impact of incarceration洛阳台恒巨设备有限公司

“Climate of Fear,” the latest episode in the “What Makes Us Human?” podcast series, explores the impact of incarcerated parents on their children’s education with Anna Haskins, assistant professor of sociology.


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