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Global Networking Night 2020郴州飞多聚商贸有限公司

Looking to make some new Harvard connections? Join local alumni for Global Networking Night, taking place in more than 100 cities worldwide on January 15.

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    Developer Named for Allston Enterprise Research Campus西藏贵浩亚商贸有限公司

    Tishman Speyer's winning proposal for the first phase of the project focuses on the public realm, sustainability, diversity, and affordable housing. Read More

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    Authors of Their Own Stories锡林浩特吉润泰机械有限公司

    In a new Red Book for first-generation alumni, Alejandra Iglesias AB '21 and Dan Lobo AB '14 see a powerful forum for storytelling and community building. Read More

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    The Optimist扶余长万春机械有限公司

    Jose Cerda III ’88 still believes government is a force for good. Read how a last-choice course at Harvard was the first step toward a career shaping public policy, from the White House to local communities in the Midwest. Read More

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    Rhodes Scholars Announced襄樊康春凯服务有限公司

    Seven Harvard students were chosen for the prestigious academic award and will pursue a broad range of studies at Oxford University next fall. Read More

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    A Family Commitment to Opportunity中山长兴泰贸易有限公司

    Harvard was on the minds of Ron and Rita Ramnath when they dropped their comfortable lives in Trinidad & Tobago to bring their son, Rick AB ’91, to the U.S. Now, Rick seeks to honor their sacrifice by paying it forward to future alumni. Read More

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    An Education in Entrepreneurship泰州如寿正有限公司

    A lawyer, venture capitalist, writer, and mentor in California’s charter schools, Ken Aldrich AB ’60, LLB ’64 found a way to combine his love for education and entrepreneurship by teaching students of all ages how to shape their financial futures and embrace the entrepreneurial mindset—and by benefitting his passions at Harvard. Read More

Alumni Programs & Events贵阳伟春公贸易有限公司

  • FEB 01

    2020 Public Interested Conference榆次盈百皇商贸有限公司

    Cambridge, MA, United States

    Alumni working and interested in public service are invited to engage with undergraduates interested in public interest careers at this exciting day-long conference.

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